Dr. William Powers (he/him)

Doctor Powers is a long-time friend of the show who practices in Berkley, Michigan. He has made it his mission to provide quality, generalized healthcare for transgender folks, including (but not limited to) hormone replacement therapy. 

Through his work, Dr. Powers has discovered and implemented methods of hormone administration that few, if any, other doctors use when administering HRT to their patients. For anyone with a vested interest in the advancement of transgender healthcare, Dr. Powers is certainly someone to keep an eye on.

Dr. Powers was featured in Episode 57, and Episode 67.


Marie McGwier (they/them)

Marie is one of the show's oldest friends. They were one of the first guests to appear on DOATW and we're always happy to have them back.

They are the founder of the "If You Want It" project, which strives to break down society's emphasis on assigned gender roles.

Their activism in transgender and nonbinary groups has drawn national attention with the success of their "Gender is Over (If You Want It)" jerseys and their 2017 appearance on the cover of TIME magazine.

Marie was featured in Episode 37 and Episode 65


Dahlia St. Knives (they/them)

Dahlia is an artist, musician and model originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They're a best-selling poet as their debut full-length, La Mer, debuted at #1 for Gay & Lesbian Poetry on Amazon.

Dahlia first appeared with us on Episode 75.


Katelyn Burns (she/her)

Katelyn is an accomplished journalist who writes about transgender issues who has been published in the Washington Post, VICE, Esquire,  Everyday Feminism, and many more. You can find all her articles on her Facebook page.

Katelyn first joined us on Episode 86.