About the Hosts


Abby Wessels

I've been an avid podcast listener since 2007 when I discovered the "Escape Pod" podcast. As life progressed and I left high school, listened to more and more shows from the Frog Pants Network and Diamond Club. Over the years, I've made friends of a few of the hosts and found a family within the online group of fans that these shows have. As years went by, and I began to discover myself, I realized that I had a story to tell, and I wanted to get it out to anyone who could benefit from it. This is how DOATW got started. Recording on a cheap USB microphone in the LGBT student group office at 1am every week after everyone had gone home for the day. Over a year later, the show has grown to something I couldn't have imagined when I started!

I am a graduate of Bowling Green State University with a degree in education. I currently work in Detroit, Michigan at a super exciting desk job. In my spare time I love to knit, build furniture, and work on cars.


EJ Kaiser

I’m a behemoth of a trans woman from Chicago. I’m an activist and a malcontent, but I’m pretty nice once you get to know me. I play roller derby in Fort Wayne, Indiana and I’m passionate about fighting discrimination in athletics and everywhere else. I write and perform songs about my transness and compose mashup albums under the name sheMX. I went to school at the Illinois Institute of Technology for Political Science and Computer Science, and I currently work as a software developer.
I’m a roguish cyberfemme with a passion for weird self-referential video games and hyper-specific comedy, and I’m always seeking out cute shoes in a women’s size 17.